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Air/Light Magazine - University of Southern California 
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"Her stories are unsummarizable, and do not exist apart from their style." ~ Jim Krusoe, author of The Sleep Garden 

CutBank Journal -University Of Montana
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"We so admire its spellbinding use of language and dense, ponderous imagery. Our editors found themselves rereading it once, twice, three times to take it all in." ~ Cutbank

Tartarus Press

Critic's Pick: "While the house of horror has many mansions, my own favorite subgenre is the reticent, often enigmatic “strange tale.” This is a specialty of Tartarus Press, which celebrates a major anniversary with “Strange Tales: Tartarus Press at 30,” edited by co-founder Rosalie Parker. This handsome volume showcases work by 18 writers" ~ Michael Dirda, Washington Post

Best Horror Of The Year
Edited By Ellen Datlow
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Simon & Schuster: "For more than three decades, award-winning editor and anthologist Ellen Datlow has had her finger on the pulse of the latest and most terrifying in horror writing. This edition includes award-winning and critically acclaimed authors" including Carmen Maria Machado, Mark Morris,  John Langan, Carole Johnstone, and others.

FOLIO - American University
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April 2023

Santa Monica Review
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"Gorgeous writing about a bad, bad man.

Loved it." ~ Andrew Tonkovich, Editor of SMR 

Swan River Press

" a richness of fricatives and plosives, textured words that wow me with their density, weight, lightness, too.. an African symphony of sounds and smells and spells…Tantalizing.” ~ British Fantasy Award-winner Des Lewis, reviewing "Malady of Laughter"

Undertow Publications
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"Beneath all of these was the uncertainty I had whether Clava was the villain - or the victim." ~ Dr. Sarah L. Uckelman, Professor of Logic and Philosophy of Language at Durham University @

 Inna reads a preview of "The Devil and the Divine," on the Outer Dark Podcast.

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