David Effress

'I’ve been reading Inna’s work for a few years now, and will say first of all that [it is] remarkable for the density of the prose, the rhythms of her sentences, and her concentration of purpose. Her stories are unsummarizable, and do not exist apart from their style... [Inna’s] stories function as vehicles to probe the centers of darkness within all of us, those timeless places that define... what it means to be human.'

-Jim Krusoe, author of The Sleep Garden/National Endowment for the Arts fellowship recipient

'Inna’s writing is always lucid and forceful but she’s one of those lucky people who have an extra gear. She can break free from other merely good writers and create pieces that are beautiful and moving. I loved working with her in our writing team because she had great instincts and tons of ideas that made collaborating with her on speeches, opinion pieces, scripts and all the wide variety of content we wrote so fun and productive.'

-Matt Cox, Former Speechwriter for Governor Arnold Schwarzenegger

'I had the delightful experience of getting to work with Inna. Her cool curiosity was clear to us all ... Inna started to explore her craft with speechwriting, which finds us in the present and ... ah, there's that curiosity again, this time asking YOU to think. Storyteller + a little bit of a scare, now that's #ladybadassery.'

-Joanna Bloor, TED Speaker, CEO of Amplify Lab

'For the last 28 years, Primestor Development has acted as a community-focused development and investment company in Los Angeles dedicated to improving the quality of life of our underserved neighborhoods. We focus on working with community stakeholders and our elected officials to create projects that ...transform neighborhoods. Inna was hired to help create a marketing deck, messaging outline, website strategy, and creative copy... She has brought a very high level of professionalism, creativity, intelligence, value, and care to these assignments.'

-Leandro Tyberg, President of Primestor

'When Inna told me that she was writing fiction, I was really excited. I think we always need writers who can see the world in an unexpected way, with honesty and humor and an open heart. With this setup you’d maybe expect ... a piece of sly social satire, and in some ways it is. But what you’re about to hear is also beautiful and difficult ... and completely devastating. Get your heart ready.'

-Jade Chang, PEN/Robert W. Bingham Prize author of The Wangs Vs. the World / New York Times Editors Choice, Elle Best Book of the Year

'Inna's stories are those rare stories that are so good that if I see her name on a project, it is a must-buy for this reader ... And caution, the depths they traverse make these not for the faint-hearted.'

- Daniel Braum, author of Underworld Dreams

'This story, with its mad-scientist contraptions of chemical, color, and light, has made me forget everything ... It is a powerful story with a weirdness that somehow exceeds weirdness itself. No mean feat.' David Effress

- British Fantasy Society Karl Edward Wagner Award Winner D.F. Lewis


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